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Durų atidarymo ribotuvas- "paslėpta grandinėlė"Patented device – “hidden door chain”


Hidden door chain” is a device for door protection that allows safely opening the door a little and prevents unwanted break-in. You will be able to open the door to talk or take your mail and not be afraid that someone will break an entry.

It is a unique and time tested product (patented in 2002), which was tested not only in our plant but also in VGTU Laboratory of Buildings, Constructions and Materials (in Vilnius).





Advantages of the “hidden door chain”:

  • Withholds the load up to 1800 kg.
  • Invisible and inaccessible from the outside, therefore impossible to cut with any tools in attempt to break in through the opened door.
  • Fixed in two points – top and bottom of the door frame (on the hinges side). It provides double strength.
  • Can be locked or unlocked only when the door is completely shut.
  • Does not impair the view of the door. 

How is this device different from other devices with analogous functions?






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