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If you wish to enjoy warmth and safety of your home and do not wish to see frosted, leaky and deformed door due to temperature changes or to worry over their security, the new SKYDAS 2000 is the right choice for you!

The door is a combination of metal and wood; metal provides strength and wood – non-permeability to cold. The finish of SKYDAS 2000 is made of high-quality, impregnated Belgian UMIDAX-HLS wood fibreboard, which remains resistant to humidity even after mechanical damage. The board is painted in high-quality polyurethane paint that does not discolour for many years. The door frame and the metal structure of the leaf edge are also covered in UMIDAX-HLS board, thus the cold bridge is eliminated and the appearance of the door is especially aesthetic.

The door SKYDAS 2000 can be non-standard and of limitless design.

SKYDAS 2000 has very high characteristics of noise (42 dB) and heat (1.2 W/(m2K)) insulation and therefore, is a perfect solution for private houses, cottages and apartments.

More about the features of the door
Standard door set
Certificates and technical data


Rating of sound insulation

42 dB Rw (C;Ctr)

Rating of thermal transmittance

1,2 W (m2K)

Resistance to repeated opening and closing

100 000 cycles

Identification of resistance to wind load

C5 class

Measurement of air permeability

3 class

Identification of water tightness

6A class

Identification of mechanical strength and rigidity

4 class



Standard door set
1. Door frame - bent rectangular metal profile, completely covered in waterproof Umidax HLS board. 
2. Door leaf – bent special metal structure, completely covered in waterproof Umidax HLS board. 
3. Hinges with supporting bearings, covered with chrome-plated finishing caps – 3 pieces.
4. Protective pins for door hinges (16 mm Ø) – 2 pieces.
5. Insulation seals – 2 pieces. 
6. Peephole. 
7. Outside and inside door leaf finish – painted UMIDAX-HLS board.
8. Outside and inside architraves - painted UMIDAX-HLS board.
9. Locks – see the selection here.
10. Stainless steel threshold.
11. ASSA plate in the door frame.
12. Additional extended rings in the door frame. 



Door characteristics

 Saves the heat in your home 
SKYDAS 2000 is distinguished from other armoured entrance doors by the covering of its entire metal construction (including the frame and leaf edge) with certified, waterproof, and especially durable wood fibreboard Umidax HLS, which eliminates the cold bridge characteristic to other armoured entrance doors. Due to this unique construction if maintained propely  the door SKYDAS 2000 does not freeze, steam up, cover in condensate or frost. It is achieved without sacrifices of security and durability.

As the bent profile leaf structure does not have closed cavities, it can be completely thermally insulated by 60 mm rock wool. The L-shaped threshold and frame of the new SKYDAS 2000 ensure exclusive tightness as an additional seal is applied to the entire perimeter (two seals in total). Moreover, bent profile allows insulating the entire frame.
Thermal transmittance of SKYDAS 2000 is 1.2 W/(m2K), i.e. even better than that of 6-chamber plastic windows (the lower the transmittance rate, the more heat is held in).

 High sound insulation
Due to the above mentioned full thermal insulation of the door structure, the sound insulation of the door SKYDAS 2000 is even 42 dB. Thus, if outside your door the noise of the city is approximately 60 dB, you will only hear 18 dB (60 dB noise – 42 dB door sound insulation). Such noise level would not even disturb your sleep (recommended noise level in the bedroom and children rooms is 25-30 dB).

Inside leaf structure is reinforced by rigid edges that do not allow easy deformation of the door in case of burglary. 
On the hinge side there are two pins of 16 mm in diameter that do not allow dislodging the door if the hinges are cut.

 Durable and lasting, convenient to use
All SKYDAS doors are manufactured by especially precise programmed machines Amada, which can process metal with the precision of 0.1 mm, therefore, their construction is precisely accurate and straight. As hinges with supporting bearings are used, the doors are easy to open and close, despite of heavier weight characteristic to metal doors. The tests indicated that after 100,000 cycles of opening and closing, the construction of the door remained completely intact.

As the internal construction of the door has no closed cavities, the entire metal construction is covered in powder coating, which ensures long-term surface protection from corrosion.

The door finish is made of waterproof, certified Belgian board Umidax HLS, which can be milled without bothering about bulging, flaking or losing its characteristics. The board is painted in your selected polyurethane paint that does not discolour for many years.

 Available designs
You can choose from almost 200 standard carvings or we will produce the doors according to individual design.
Doors can be with the glazing of various shapes, single leaf, double leaf, with arch, etc.

See GALLERY for doors photos. 

If simpler construction door is required, choose the “armoured” door SKYDAS STANDARD. If higher security level is necessary, choose SKYDAS STANDARD 3 or SKYDAS PREMIUM, which can be adjusted to outdoor conditions by using suitable materials.

Technical data

Available versions of the door:


SKYDAS 2000 section

Available thresholds:


Door model Threshold
Matt stainless steel threshold (2 mm) Black or RUUKKI galvanized steel threshold (2 mm), covered in glossy Black or RUUKKI galvanized steel threshold (2 mm) with powder
Skydas 2000 20x104; 20x35x104 L-shaped 32x104 (20 mm black or RUUKKI galvanized steel threshold (2 mm), covered in 12 mm Umidax board and 0.6 mm stainless steel finish) _





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